Our New & Improved Version

We are very grateful for where we are today with the Freeze Flat. Since beginning selling on Amazon in late 2018 we have over 650 reviews and maintain a 4.6 star rating and are listed as Amazon Choice.

However, the design for the Freeze Flat has not changed since 2017 and seemed ready for an update (click here to see a more detailed timeline on our Priver Brand). Over the years we have received lots of customer feedback. Most of it is very positive but there have been a few areas for improvement that have also been identified. Generally, these can be categorized into two primary issues. The first is that multiple straps can be somewhat difficult to assemble. The second is that the Velcro can sometimes lose it’s adhesion strength over time.

The goal for the redesign was to improve the product by addressing both of these issues. To accomplish this, we have gone to a single wide piece of Velcro.  By not having multiple straps the assembly is very simple. The larger contact area of the single strap helps ensure that the adhesion will not weaken over time.

We are very happy to offer this new version and hope everyone will continue to enjoy the product!

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The Freeze Flat Breast Pump Accessory, is “Amazon’s Choice”, which means it is a highly rated, well-priced product, available to ship immediately.