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Breastfeeding Products & Accessories for Parents of Newborns

Our goal at Priver is to provide quality products to assist parents and primary caregivers with the tasks and needs that are part of raising and caring for young children.

Our Priver products specialize in breastfeeding accessories for parents of newborns. Shop for our top products, The Freeze Flat and Ever Warm, available to buy on Amazon.

Looking for baby shower gift ideas? The Freeze Flat is easy-to-use and reusable freezer organizer for breast milk storage bags.

This time in a child’s life is amazing and fun. While it is a wonderful experience to be part of, it can also be very demanding and challenging as a parent and primary caregiver. We at Priver hope to provide products to make it easier to focus on all the good stuff!

Shop all Priver products including The Freeze Flat, our Original Breastmilk Storage Device on Amazon. The Freeze Flat is a unique and thoughtful gift for baby showers. This product is “Amazon’s Choice”, which means it is a highly rated, well-priced product, available to ship immediately.

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The Freeze Flat

Our Original 4 Strap Version

Priver Products - The Freeze Flat

The Freeze Flat

Single Strap Version

Priver Products - The Freeze Flat

Amazon Reviews

The Freeze Flat, our freeze flat breastmilk storage product, has over 650 reviews, maintains a 4.6 star rating and is listed as Amazon Choice.


Starting in 2017

MH Product Development

The company “MH Product Development” was established in March of 2017. The goal was to develop and bring to market two products. One of the products would eventually become the Freeze Flat. The 2nd product (the “Everwarm”) will be available in December 2022… finally.

The “Freeze Flat” name and design

After several months of prototyping and evaluating different construction methods the design was basically complete and the name “Freeze Flat” was selected (FF designation for the part number shown below). Although at this point, offering multiple center plates to allow for several bags to be frozen at once was still being considered. This was eventually abandoned because it was not very easy to handle or use. The quoting process and vendor evaluation began.

Plastic Supplier selected with debossed logo

In February of 2018, a domestic supplier for the plastic had been selected and the injection molding tool was created. At this point using a sticker for the logo was still being considered. Shortly after the initial samples were made a decision to have the logo debossed into the plastic was decided on as the way to go forward.

First production order complete

In May of 2018 the first production order was completed. This followed  testing of a few different materials. The initial material selected was a bit too brittle at low temperature.

First units assembled and sold

By June of 2018, the first units of the Freeze Flat had been assembled and were being sold in a limited basis locally. This consisted mainly of directly selling from referrals from friends and family. A lot of free samples were distributed during this time to try and get the word out on the product.

Selling product on Amazon

By the end of September 2018 the decision was made to focus on selling on Amazon. The process of setting this up took some time. The listing was setup in late November and the first sale was in December of 2018.