The genesis of Priver, initially founded as MH Product Development in early 2017, was driven by a commitment to offering quality products that support parents and primary caregivers in raising and caring for young children.

Our Priver products journey began with the design of our flagship product, the Freeze Flat, which launched in late 2017. We started selling products locally in mid-2018 and expanded to Amazon in December 2018, with a commitment to being among the top problem-solving vendors selling durable products made in the USA.

As a forward-thinking company, we know the joy, wonders, and “firsts” that accompany the early stages of a child’s life, including the demands and challenges faced by parents and primary caregivers during this time.

At Priver, our overreaching mission is to provide solutions that help keep things organized, convenient, and straightforward. As a new mom, staying flexible is crucial to navigating the challenges of parenthood.

With our thoughtfully designed Priver products, new moms can maintain an organized and efficient home while enjoying the peace of mind of having a breast milk stash. In addition, mothers can worry less knowing they have extra breastmilk on hand, whether returning to work or navigating circumstances, situations, or times when they cannot nurse as normal.

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Priver will support you on your parenting journey with exceptional products designed to make parenthood, caretaking, and your life easier and more enjoyable.

Embark on this incredible experience with Priver products by your side as we strive to enhance the lives of parents and caregivers, one innovative product at a time.

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