The Best Breast Pumps and Accessories for Working Moms

As a working mom, finding the best breast pump and accessories is crucial to maintaining a successful breastfeeding journey while balancing work life. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, we will explore the best breast pumps and accessories for working moms.

Types of Breast Pumps

There are three main types of breast pumps: manual, electric, and wearable. Manual pumps are operated by hand and are typically the most affordable option. Electric pumps are powered by electricity and come in either single or double-pump options. Wearable pumps are hands-free and discreet, allowing moms to pump on the go.

Best Breast Pumps

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced is a popular electric pump among working moms. It has a built-in cooler, comes with a tote bag, and offers double pumping options. The Spectra S1 is another electric pump that is quiet, has a rechargeable battery, and comes with a nightlight. For a wearable option, the Willow Pump is a great choice. It is quiet, hands-free, and can be controlled through a smartphone app.

Best Breast Pump Accessories

Breast pump accessories can make a big difference in a mom’s pumping experience. A hands-free pumping bra allows moms to pump hands-free, making it easier to multitask while pumping. Milk storage bags are another essential accessory, allowing moms to store breast milk in the freezer or refrigerator. A nursing cover or scarf can provide privacy while pumping in public.

Pumping at Work

It is important for working moms to have a plan for pumping at work. This may include talking to employers about designated pumping areas or break times. It is also important to have a good pump that is efficient and easy to use in a work setting. Many breast pumps now come with discreet carrying cases, making them easy to transport back and forth from work.

Pumping While Traveling

For working moms who frequently travel for work, a portable breast pump is essential. The Medela Freestyle Flex is a compact electric pump that can be used on-the-go. The Elvie Pump is a wearable option that is small and lightweight, making it easy to pack for travel. It is also important to have a good cooler bag to transport pumped milk while traveling.

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Milk Storage

Proper milk storage is important to ensure that breast milk stays fresh and safe for babies to consume. Milk should be stored in clean, sterilized bottles, milk storage bags, or FreezeFlat, a milk storage device. It is also important to label bottles, bags, or FreezeFlat with the date and time that the milk was pumped. Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is essential to always keep breast pumps clean and sanitary, as bacteria can cause infections or other health issues. Regular cleaning also ensures that the breast pump works properly and efficiently. After cleaning, the parts should be allowed to air dry and stored in a clean, dry place.

 Additionally, it is important to inspect the breast pump before and after each use to make sure that all the parts are in good condition. This will help prolong the life of the pump and ensure that it is functioning properly. Finally, it is recommended to use a cleaning solution specifically designed for breast pumps to help keep the parts free of bacteria and mold.


In conclusion, finding the best breast pump and accessories is essential for working moms who want to maintain a successful breastfeeding journey while balancing work life. The Medela Pump In Style Advanced, Spectra S1, and Willow Pump are all great options for breast pumps. Hands-free pumping bras, milk storage bags, and nursing covers are all essential accessories. It is important to have a plan for pumping at work and while traveling. Proper milk storage and cleaning and maintenance of breast pumps are also crucial for a successful breastfeeding journey.


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